What’s Happening Now?

Dr. Cohen updates listeners on his experience at hospitals that are treating Covid-19 patients. Then, we discuss how we feel like we are in one of the science fiction movies or TV shows we discussed in the past, long before we knew Coronavirus was coming.

We also debate about the current air quality in LA and how its changed since the dramatic decline in traffic. And, we provide a few ideas on what to do, make and watch while in quarantine!

PLUS, as promised, below are some of our favorite entertainment clips and news that’s good!


  • Jimmy Fallon Asks Twitter to Change Movie Titles into Quarantine Titles — this one’s our favorite response:Twitter
    Check out the rest of the movie titles here:

  • Some Good News, Bill Gates has just announced that he and his foundation are accelerating the COVID-19 response effort by building factories for all seven of the most promising vaccines currently in development. Gates discussed the initiative during his at-home interview with The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah:
  • And, finally, Adam Sandler’s Quarantine Song



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