Welcome to Gross Anatomy! The podcast that explores the evolving sights, smells and sounds of medicine.

The Podcast

The purpose of the show is to address some of the medical questions Dr. Jason Cohen is asked by friends, family and often strangers with help from his non doctor co-hosts… who aren’t afraid to ask the questions people who didn’t go to medical school want to know.

We also love to talk pop culture and how it relates to health and medicine — like celebrity diets, Amy Schumer speaking out about endometriosis and our doctor reviews of medical TV and movies.

We also splice in professional interviews, check out our Exclusive Interview page to listen to our podcast with The Resident co-creator Dr. Roshan Sethi, famous plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Rey aka DR. 90210, Miss USA Nana Meriwether and much more!

The Host


Dr. Jason Cohen is a surgical oncologist and general surgeon with expertise in laparoscopy, minimally invasive techniques and robotic surgery. Dr. Cohen started his own practice in Los Angeles and leads a medical internship program. He’s also an artist, writer and a huge TV and movie fan that loves to talk the latest in entertainment!