Radiation Oncology

Radiation Oncology Specialist, Dr. Rosalyn Morrell joins the show! She explains what a radiation oncologist does, how doctors work together to determine the best cancer treatment plan and (at the 14 minute mark) explains how it is that radiation can cause cancer but also be used to treat cancer.

Then, Dr. Morrell answers our questions about radiation exposure to cell phones, CT scans and more in a section we call ‘myth or fact’ (45 minute mark) … did you know bananas can be slightly radioactive!

The Resident

Dr. Cohen answers some listener questions about medical fashion and what the various scrub colors mean, then he shares some surgical and very ‘gross anatomy’ stories and (at the 15 min. mark) he gives a surgeon’s take/review on the pilot episode of the Fox TV series The Resident.

The Mentor of Mentors

Calling all medical students or anyone just looking for a good story on mentorship, this episode is for you. Dr. Cohen’s mentor, Dr. Leo Gordon, joins the show!

Dr. Gordon explains how doctors were trained differently when he first started and how some of his experiences were relatable to the book House of God. He also gives some pointers to people in the medical field looking for a mentor (28 minute mark). Plus, he tells us why his favorite medical show is Charité on Netflix.

Cannabis Based Medicine with Dr. Sherry Yafai

Every January is National CBD Month and why we thought it would be appropriate to revamp a special interview episode from last year with an expert in cannabis based medicine — Dr. Sherry Yafai.

Dr. Yafai is the founder of The Releaf Institute which was created to educate individuals on how to use cannabis products to accomplish their personal goals for medical treatment. She explains the difference in THC and CBD (24 minute mark) and answers our many questions about the medical use of cannabis.

And the New Year Begins…

In our latest episode, we talk about Dr. Dre being admitted to the hospital for a brain aneurysm, how the U.S. went from 96 thousand people that used telehealth in 2019 to 18 million who used it in 2020, why the book Ready Player One is relevant, the surgeon stereotype the TV show Scrubs gets right and more!

People of the Year

Dr. Cohen gives us some updates about what he’s seeing at the hospital. Then, we review People magazine’s four ‘People of the Year’ — George Clooney, Regina King, Dr. Anthony Fauci & Selena Gomez.

We also decide on another person (the most noncontroversial character we could think of) who should be on the list for providing a lot of happiness this year.