Noah Craft, PhD MD joins the show!

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Our guest today is a research scientist and dermatologist (PhD and MD double doc) Dr. Noah Craft! Dr. Craft explains how studying parasitic diseases like Leishmaniasis led to a career as a dermatologist. He also explains why being a scientific researcher is like being an explorer and what it’s like to work on vaccines. Plus, he answers all of our microbiome questions!

Dr. Craft also discusses the studies being done on psychedelic drugs — like MDMA as a treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder and his thoughts on the use of psychedelics.


Jeff Toll, MD

Jeff Toll MD_Gross Anatomy PodcastDoctor Jeff Toll joins the show! He tells us why he went into concierge medicine and how he was able to start a private practice at such a young age. He also explains why he chose to start a separate company for Coronavirus testing and breaks down the accuracy of antibody testing so it’s understandable.

Gross Anatomy Podcast · Jeff Toll, MD


Samuel Shem – Author of The House of God – Joins the Show!

Samuel Shem_Gross Anatomy Podcast
Bestselling author Samuel Shem joins show! Shem is the author of The House of God — an autobiographical novel which has sold millions of copies and what The Washington Post listed as one of the “12 Novels that Change the Way We Live”. And, John Updike wrote the novel “does for medical training what ‘Catch-22’ did for the military life.”

We discuss Shem’s journey to Harvard and how he balanced being a doctor and becoming a writer. Plus, BEST OF ALL, we talk about his new novel MAN’S 4TH BEST HOSPITAL – the sequel to The House of God.

Gross Anatomy Podcast · Samuel Shem – Author of The House of God – Joins the Show!

Women’s Health & Integrative Medicine with Special Guest Dr. Gilberg-Lenz!

Gross Anatomy PodcastOB-GYN and Ayurvedic Specialist, Dr. Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz joins the show! She tells us what it was like growing up in Beverly Hills in the 70’s with a psychoanalysis for a father, and why she decided to pursue a career in obstetrics and gynecology. She also explains what it’s like to deliver babies during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Dr. Gilberg-Lenz is involved in women’s empowerment and public education, and appears frequently on TV as an expert in women’s health and integrative medicine. She tells us what it means to practice integrative medicine, why she became interested in Ayurveda and what exactly the word means.

Gross Anatomy Podcast · Women’s Health & Integrative Medicine with Special Guest Dr. Gilberg-Lenz!


Sharon Feldstein Joins the Show!

New Episode_Gross Anatomy PodcastSharon Feldstein talks with us about YourMomCares — a nonprofit organization co-founded by Sharon (Jonah Hill and Beanie Feldstein’s mom), Patsy Noah (Adam Levine’s mom) and Terria Joseph (Alicia Keys’ mom). YourMomCares brings celebrity and influencer moms together for kids mental health.

Sharon discusses the evolution of YourMomCares and some innovative programs YMC supports like the tele-mental health program Brain Manager.

The goal of YourMomCares is to change the dialogue from mental illness to mental wellness. To show support for YMC or learn more, visit

Health & Pop Culture News

SwedenSweden isn’t taking precautions like most other countries and has resisted lockdown restrictions to stop the Coronavirus outbreak. We discuss why Sweden is accused of dangerously pursuing “herd immunity” and what that means for the people who live there.

In lighter pop culture news… we discuss how movie and tv casts (Parks & Rec, Goonies, That Thing You Do!) are reuniting to do new zoom episodes or recreations of their famous work — and what casts we wish would reunite. We also come to the realization that Val Kilmer might be our favorite character actor, he is the Iceman!

Josh Homme Joins the Show!

Josh Homme is a singer, songwriter, producer and founding member of the bands Queens of the Stone Age and Eagles of Death Metal. So… why would Josh agree to be on our show? The truth is, Dr. Cohen and Josh met at a hospital over ten years ago and have kept in touch ever since. We talk about how they first met and get into movies, tv, music, fatherhood and so much more.

zoom interview_gross anatomy podcast

NOTE: Josh was nice enough to call-in so we could do a Zoom interview while Los Angeles is still under quarantine lock down. We are doing our best with the sound quality options we have available to us and promise to bring you more in-person interviews as soon as we’re able.