The Amazingly Talented Dr. Theodric Hendrix

Dr. Theodric (Ricci) Hendrix is honestly more than just a doctor, he’s also a screenwriter, painter, photographer and currently finishing a four year program in Eastern Medicine. So, how did he manage to do so much while running his own OB-GYN practice? He answers this question and gives us some insight into his life. He also tells us how growing up in Tulsa, Oklahoma when it was segregated and learning about the Tulsa Race Massacre from his father inspired his latest writing project.

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Ask the Rabbi

Rabbi Dr. Jason Weiner, the senior rabbi and director of the Spiritual Care Department at Cedars-Sinai in LA joins us! We speak with him about working with chaplains in different religious and cultural backgrounds and what it means to be an on-call rabbi.

He also shares some pretty miraculous patient stories and tells us why he decided to write his book: Jewish Guide to Practical Medical Decision-Making.

Doctor Cohen Goes to Africa

Dr. Cohen returns from Africa and shares the highlights of his trip. Plus, we talk about the mass response we’ve received to a question on our previous episode: “Should surgeons perform surgery on their friends?” Then, Dr. Cohen gives a review of the Oscar winning movie he selected on his flight back — ‘The Father’ starring Anthony Hopkins.

Alan T. Brown

Alan T. Brown was paralyzed from the neck down in 1988 and has been working to improve the quality of life for people living with paralysis since his accident. Alan talks about the work the Alan T. Brown Foundation (ATBF) does and why they partnered with The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation.

Dr. Cohen and Alan have been friends since childhood and detail what it was like growing up in New York City and how their lives have evolved. Alan also discusses his work with Friends of Access Israel and how they’re at the forefront when it comes to providing knowledge, training and accessibility for people with disabilities.

All this and so much more with our inspiring guest Alan T. Brown!

Maurice Garcia MD

Director of Transgender Surgery, Dr. Maurice Garcia joins us for a quick Q&A — aka our part one interview with him. Dr. Garcia talks about gender affirming surgery, hormone therapy, the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) and the lack of surgeons that specialize in transgender surgery and care.