Well, it’s Wellness Month…

All during August, it’s National Wellness Month which focuses on promoting healthy habits in your lifestyle all month long to see how much better you feel. We talk about the small changes we’ve got planned to help improve our self-care and the five foods you can eat for better mental health.

Then, we discuss how after 18 seasons on Grey’s Anatomy, Ellen Pompeo is finally taking a break from the show to star in a new series. Plus, more entertainment news like the latest movie remakes that are in the works (Working Girl!) and the dragons that will be appearing on HBO August 21st in a much anticipated GOT prequel.

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Skittles, Taste the Titanium?

We discuss the Skittle lawsuit that claims Mars (maker of Skittles) failed to adequately warn customers about the chemical, titanium dioxide, that is “unfit for human consumption” and therefore committed a fraud of omission. Which gets us talking about other sweets and the worst of the popular candy that you can eat — Sour Patch Kids definitely makes the top of the list.

We also talk about music therapy and an article titled: Running up that hill: What ‘Stranger Things’ gets right about the health benefits of music. Plus, we discuss the Don McLean documentary that details what his song American Pie is really about.

All this and a little more, like what the Brad’s are up to now… Cooper and Pitt of course.

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Special Guest Host Episode

Ali Saarela joins the show as our guest host! Ali and Dr. Cohen discuss current health events — the good and the bad. They also talk about Hulu’s new series The Bear and the similarities doctors and chefs have when it comes to work-life balance. Plus, they debate if vegetarians can be considered a “foodie” and explain why Anthony Bourdain was not a fan of vegans.

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Simon, Sonny, and The Old Man

We talk about the rescue of Simon the German Shepherd, the legacy of James Caan — well known for playing Sonny in The Godfather and the Father of Buddy the Elf, and the FX series The Old Man starring Jeff Bridges…who was able to film the series after his battle with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and being infected by Covid-19 during chemotherapy.

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O Doctor! My Doctor!

Mariano is back to guest host! Dr. Cohen and Mariano talk about tattoos and what it’s like to get a symbolic tattoo with your father and brother — as opposed to what it’s like to NOT get a tattoo because you’re told you won’t get buried in a Jewish cemetery. They also remind people to be cautious this season and to avoid getting swept-up in unsafe summer spontaneity.

Plus, Dr. Cohen talks about auditioning for the role as ‘Fat Moe’ and almost being cast in Jennifer Connelly’s first movie: Once Upon a Time in America.

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Summer Breeze Entertainment

We discuss Justin Bieber’s Ramsay Hunt Syndrome diagnosis and why that’s so rare for someone his age. Then, we get into some summer breezy entertainment. And, while we don’t agree on some blockbuster ‘must-sees’, we do agree that Val Kilmer and Tom Cruise’s friendship is as real as our love for Iceman and Maverick.

We also agree that our favorite thing about the HBO series Winning Time is that it features the actor Wood Harris… and that what the world needs is more Wood Harris in TV and movies. Plus, Dr. Cohen tells us about meeting Stranger Things and Diner star Paul Reiser!

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Guest Host Mariano González-Guerineau

Mariano González-Guerineau joins Gross Anatomy Podcast! Mariano is an actor and our behind-the-scenes social media expert, he explains what he’s learned about the medical world after spending time at the hospital shadowing Dr. Cohen.

And, because we also love to talk about movies, Dr. Cohen reenacts his favorite scene in the movie Just Go With It and explains his love for Moulin Rouge! Plus, Mariano dares to ask the question… is there a correlation between art and medicine? Find out what art major Dr. Cohen had to say… watch our video episode below:

Tragedy in Tulsa

Dr. Cohen and Raya discuss the tragedy in Tulsa that resulted in the shooting death of two doctors, a medical assistant and a patient’s husband. Dr. Cohen also shares a story of another medical attack that occurred shortly after becoming a surgeon.

And, Raya reveals that her trouble getting to sleep has led to an increase in TikTok viewing so she shares some of her trending favorites — like all the ways you’re not supposed to sleep and a healthy recipe alternative to Coca-Cola that uses balsamic vinegar.

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Millennials and Their Avocado Toast

We hope you’re hungry because this episode is quite tasty! Dr. Cohen and Raya speak with LA local and new business owner Jack Della Femina, Co-Founder of Bravo Toast. The new hot spot cafe in Weho specializes in all sorts of toast but their claim to fame is the decadent Green Goddess. Jack shares the start of their business journey and chats with Dr. Cohen about his Grandfather a well known NYC advertising wizard!

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Imposters and a Goodfella

Dr. Cohen and Raya are on different coasts this week covering lots of things. Raya brings up some drama surrounding one of her favorite shows – Grey’s Anatomy. A writer for the long running series was subject to an internal investigation to determine if elements about her personal story like undergoing an abortion and chemotherapy, which are storylines she used in the series, were not accurate.

They also talk about the passing of actor Ray Liotta and remember some of his best work.

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