Maurice Garcia MD

Director of Transgender Surgery, Dr. Maurice Garcia joins us for a quick Q&A — aka our part one interview with him. Dr. Garcia talks about gender affirming surgery, hormone therapy, the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) and the lack of surgeons that specialize in transgender surgery and care.

Magician Anna DeGuzman

Sometimes it’s good to take a pause from the medical and just talk magic! We talk to magician Anna DeGuzman about performing at The Magic Castle, the lack of female magicians and how magic produces a sense of wonder.

Plus, we talk about her Rubik’s Cube magic and discuss our favorite magic movies.

Vaccine Hesitancy

Dr. Cohen discusses a few things that have been on his mind in our latest episode… First, his thoughts on what might make people less hesitant to get the Covid-19 vaccine. Then, we get into why the Peloton was recalled, and we also talk about the death of beloved St. Elsewhere actor Norman Lloyd at 106 years old.

Plus, we give a shout-out to a little seen movie that everyone should watch!

Sam Lassner Joins the Show!

Musician, producer Sam Lassner (also known as Prince Fox) joins the show! Sam talks to us about growing up in New York, how his music career took off in the early days of SoundCloud and why he decided to start a new creative project as SMWN (pronounced ‘someone’).

We also discuss the toll touring takes on musicians and the importance of mental health.

The ER Pilot

This week we go back in time, to 1994, to review the pilot episode of ER. Dr. Cohen talks about how emergency rooms have changed since the 90’s and how ER show creator – Michael Crichton – was also an MD. We also get into our favorite characters like Benton and Carter and give thoughts on why George Clooney became the shows biggest star.

Change of Plans

Sometimes you have to change plans fast and grab a last second guest. Luckily, Sky Bliss was nearby shooting photos so we had the very good fortune of interviewing this amazing surgical photojournalist! Sky tells us how he got started documenting surgeries and about some of the most intense medical procedures he’s had to film.

Katie Willcox joins the show!

We are thrilled to have the founder of Natural Model Management and the creator/author of Healthy is the New Skinny – Katie Willcox – on the show! Katie explains how being a model is nothing like what you see on America’s Next Top Model and why she started a modeling agency that represents women of all sizes and ethnicities.

Katie also tells us how speaking to high school students about body image produced some unexpected and informative feedback. And, Katie reveals the launch of her new podcast that goes behind the scenes of a photo shoot, plus much more with this truly inspiring woman!

Quick-Fire Questions

After years of watching and reviewing medical TV shows for the podcast, we’ve got a list of quick-fire questions for Dr. Cohen that still need answering. Like, are surgeons hands insured for millions of dollars? And, do doctors really hangout in comatose patients rooms?

Find out the answer to these questions and many more! Stream or download our new Quick-Fire Questions episode of Gross Anatomy Podcast.

Dr. Nina Shapiro returns!

Hype author and pediatric otolaryngologist, Dr. Nina Shapiro returns to the show! Last time we talked (at the start of 2020) the coronavirus wasn’t something most doctors were that worried about — so we wanted to meet again (this time via Zoom) and discuss what medical experts got wrong about Covid-19. Plus, we ask the Hype expert what she’s hearing now when it comes to myths and misinformation about the virus and the vaccine.

Then, we discuss Hype coming out in its fifth translation and her new book… The Ultimate Kids’ Guide to Staying Healthy.