Matthew Perry, Movember and Pop Culture Costumes

We discuss Matthew Perry opening up about his decades-long battle with addiction that almost killed him and caused him to have an exploded colon, nine months with a colostomy bag, and more than a dozen stomach surgeries. Matthew writes in detail about his addiction and time in rehabs in his new memoir: Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing.

Then, since November approaches, we talk about ways you can get involved in MOVEMBER – the MOvement that has funded over 1,250 men’s health projects globally for mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

Plus, the pop culture costumes that will be on display this Halloween and our favorite costume idea on the list, hint, it’s everything!

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Superstition Origin Stories

As we approach Halloween, we thought it would be fitting to explore the surprising origins of common superstitions. Ever wonder why a broken mirror gives you seven years of bad luck? Or why the number 13 is unlucky? We discuss the origin of these superstitions and many more!

We also talk about why witches don’t ride horses and list our favorite witchy movies. Then, Dr. Cohen gives his review of Blonde, the Netflix film about Marilyn Monroe.

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A little art, a little music

Art major Dr. Cohen tells us how much time he’s able to spend painting since becoming a doctor and explains why it’s hard to make art a hobby. Then, he details the joy of attending the tribute concert for beloved rocker Taylor Hawkins. Listen to this episode now on SoundCloud.

Note, if you’re looking for a more musical episode, check out our interview with musician Josh Homme.

Innovator Sandy Heck MD

Innovator, creator and an MD, Sandy Heck joins the show! He tells us about the invention of a tool he co-created, that’s used in laparoscopic surgeries around the world, often referred to by surgeons as ‘D-HELP’ (de-fogging, heated, endoscopic, lens protector). So naturally, we pick his brain about how he was able to start a business, get patents and FDA approval all while attending medical school at Cornell.

Sandy also tells us how doctors now approach him with ideas for new inventions that would help them in the operating room, and about the surgical product he and his business partner recently launched. Plus, Sandy gives us tips on how to make a prototype that works!

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Jamie Lassner

Jamie Lassner joins the show! He tells Dr. Cohen about working as an EMT on September 11th (9:30 minute mark) and witnessing the second plane hit the World Trade Center. He also explains why it was difficult to accept that he was suffering from PTSD after the terrorist attacks, and how his family finally encouraged him to seek treatment.

Then, Jamie tells us about the volunteer work he does now (31 minute mark), which includes working with Alan T. Brown and the Accessibility Accelerator organization to take people with disabilities to the top of Kilimanjaro. He also tells us about working in Ukraine to help people with disabilities evacuate and find safe housing.

To find out how you can help, visit

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Olivia and Anne

We remember Olivia Newton-John, a beloved singer, movie star and a super crush of Dr. Cohen’s. We discuss Newton-John’s career and how she survived two bouts of breast cancer, one in the early 1990s, and in 2018 revealed she was fighting cancer again but in her spine. We also talk about Anne Heche a writer and celebrated actress who died after crashing her car at the age of 53.

Then, we discuss the recent arrest of a California doctor for allegedly poisoning her husband with Drano and how she was caught in the act!

And, we give our thoughts on Keanu Reeves being cast in the limited series The Devil in The White City about Dr. H. H. Holmes, America’s first modern serial killer and the man behind the notorious “Murder Castle”.

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Well, it’s Wellness Month…

All during August, it’s National Wellness Month which focuses on promoting healthy habits in your lifestyle all month long to see how much better you feel. We talk about the small changes we’ve got planned to help improve our self-care and the five foods you can eat for better mental health.

Then, we discuss how after 18 seasons on Grey’s Anatomy, Ellen Pompeo is finally taking a break from the show to star in a new series. Plus, more entertainment news like the latest movie remakes that are in the works (Working Girl!) and the dragons that will be appearing on HBO August 21st in a much anticipated GOT prequel.

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Skittles, Taste the Titanium?

We discuss the Skittle lawsuit that claims Mars (maker of Skittles) failed to adequately warn customers about the chemical, titanium dioxide, that is “unfit for human consumption” and therefore committed a fraud of omission. Which gets us talking about other sweets and the worst of the popular candy that you can eat — Sour Patch Kids definitely makes the top of the list.

We also talk about music therapy and an article titled: Running up that hill: What ‘Stranger Things’ gets right about the health benefits of music. Plus, we discuss the Don McLean documentary that details what his song American Pie is really about.

All this and a little more, like what the Brad’s are up to now… Cooper and Pitt of course.

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Special Guest Host Episode

Ali Saarela joins the show as our guest host! Ali and Dr. Cohen discuss current health events — the good and the bad. They also talk about Hulu’s new series The Bear and the similarities doctors and chefs have when it comes to work-life balance. Plus, they debate if vegetarians can be considered a “foodie” and explain why Anthony Bourdain was not a fan of vegans.

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Simon, Sonny, and The Old Man

We talk about the rescue of Simon the German Shepherd, the legacy of James Caan — well known for playing Sonny in The Godfather and the Father of Buddy the Elf, and the FX series The Old Man starring Jeff Bridges…who was able to film the series after his battle with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and being infected by Covid-19 during chemotherapy.

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