Showing Some Nurse Appreciation

National Nurses Week begins each year on May 6th and ends on May 12th, Florence Nightingale’s birthday. Dr. Cohen and Raya speak with two very special nurses in their lives who share compelling stories from their nursing careers. They discuss why they love being a nurse, the perks of being a travel nurse and what their work experience was like when Covid-19 first started to fill hospital beds.

Thank you to all of the nurses out there, you truly are our heroes!

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Don’t Forget Your Sunscreen

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month a good time to review the basics… Dr. Cohen and Raya share their go-to sunscreen brands and Dr. Cohen tells us an odd place he puts a little sunscreen. Raya asks Dr. Cohen all the Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to sun bathing, skin cancer, and how to prevent getting skin cancer.

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Good Sam TV Show Review

Dr. Cohen and Raya started a new medical TV show, Good Sam on CBS staring Sophia Bush and Jason Isaacs. While they are intrigued to watch more, Dr. Cohen pointed out medical flaws and actions that would only happen in the scripted TV world and not at a real hospital.

Plus, Raya shares a new plant-based egg replacer called Just Egg and other health alternatives…very vegan friendly!

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Two Hosts Finally Meet In Person

Dr. Cohen and Raya reminisce on finally meeting for the first time! Raya joined Dr. Cohen and his family for their passover Seder and the two finally got to meet in the flesh. Raya talks about Coachella weekend and although she didn’t go, why she isn’t feeling FOMO over it.

They also discuss the Ohio doctor accused of overdosing patients with fentanyl, their views on on the new no mask mandate for travel, getting a runners high and speaking to the afterlife!

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The Unforgotten Families

Kim Gordon, Board Member and Advocate for The Unforgotten Families (TUF) joins the show! TUF is an advocacy organization created to be the voice, advocate and champion of medically fragile children and their families to provide solutions that improve overall quality of life in the home. TUF helps advocate for the Family CNA Program which allows family members to be trained, certified caregivers for their loved ones at no cost to the state or family members.

Dr. Cohen talks to Kim about her nursing career and starting out as a labor and delivery nurse, then (7:30 MINUTE MARK) they talk about TUF and why she chose to get involved.

To learn more about TUF, visit

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Migraines, Aphasia and the Bad Nurse Debate

Raya and Dr. Cohen speak about personal migraine struggles, then they discuss Aphasia (the neurological condition afflicting Bruce Willis) and what can cause it. 

They also debate the recent ‘bad nurse’ label that’s been given to a criminally prosecuted nurse for the fatal medical mistake she made. Dr. Cohen also gives his ‘movies on the plane’ reviews of Dear Evan Hansen and House of Gucci.

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Slap, Boom and Autoimmune

It really was the slap heard all across the world…Dr. Jason Cohen and Co-Host Raya O’Neal share their views on the dispute between Will Smith and Chris Rock. Then, they talk about Wendy Williams and Graves’ Disease and Raya picks Dr. Cohen’s brain on some other Autoimmune Disorders from RA, to IBD, to Ulcerative Colitis.

And, with a new month ahead of them, the two touch on April being National Alcohol Awareness Month and Esophageal Cancer Awareness Month.

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Mark Feuerstein Volume 2

Mark Feuerstein is back! Dr. Cohen and Raya checked in with Actor Mark Feuerstein, and caught up on his post Royal Pains days and his latest projects. Mark and Dr. Cohen reminisce on their NYC days and share their Purim and St. Patricks Day memories. Raya tells Mark about the first time she met him in the Hamptons with JLO and Mark tells us why he was with her!

While Mark may have played a doctor; he reminds us he knows just as much as the average guy….but he does remember a thing or two about angioplasty. Plus, Dr. Cohen asks Mark to tell the story about the time he called him thinking he was his dentist, and so much more.

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Questions of the Day

We see your questions! Raya shares two interesting health(ish) related questions submitted by a listener and Dr. Cohen gives his take on it! They also talk about Hailey Bieber’s stroke and review the causes and signs of a stroke. Then, they talk about a shocking amount of blood used for testing and debate watching Netflix’s Bad Vegan or not.

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Making Vitamins Cool Again

With Dr. Cohen preparing to go into surgery and Raya recording from snowy Aspen, the two quickly cover some interesting topics. Raya brings up the new fad of taking your vitamins again and how ‘supplements’ have been marketed to be more appealing. They also discuss dealing with trauma and the latest ways people are treating it….including psychedelics!?

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