Common Medical Myths

Common Medical Myths.png

Does chewing gum really stay in your stomach for seven years? Can you really get the flu from the flu shot? Does eating turkey really make you tired? These are just a few of the medical myths we explore on this week’s episode.

We also talk about The Game Changers — a new documentary (featuring Arnold) that delves into meat, protein and strength.


Unusual Medical Stories & Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness

Gross Anatomy Podcast
Dr. Cohen shares some of the unusual medical conditions he’s encountered in his career, then we discuss how (in 1983) President Ronald Reagan proclaimed November to be National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month. President Reagan wanted to raise awareness not only for the disease — but for the caregivers who shoulder the heavy burden for the patients they love.

One Year Anniversary Celebration!

One Year Anniversay of Gross Anatomy Podcast
This week we get out the noisemakers to celebrate one year of co-hosting and recording Gross Anatomy Podcast. And, in this special anniversary episode, we take a trip down memory lane and discuss some of the highs, lows and a few of our favorite episodes. Dr. Cohen also shares a new medical story that helps put the gross in Gross Anatomy Podcast.

Movember is Here

Every November, men are challenged to grow their facial hair for the next 30 days to make a mustache that sparks curiosity and conversation. The reason, the mustache is Movember Foundation’s ribbon of awareness for men’s health. The Foundation is the leading charity tackling prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health on a global scale. So today, the first of Movember, we’re talking about Dr. Cohen’s participation in Movember and how you can help raise awareness for men’s health.

Cinema’s Scariest Creatures

Halloween Podcast Episode
Just in time for Halloween, we get into the real stories and scientific discoveries that led to the creation of cinema’s most iconic and spooky creatures… Dracula, The Gill-Man, Frankenstein and much more. We also talk about our favorite and least favorite scary movies — so be prepared to learn some eerie truths!

Theme Parks, Thrills and the Joker

RollercoasterAre there health benefits to going to theme parks? Can a roller coaster drop help with anxiety? We explore those questions and discuss the psychological thriller/hit movie Joker — and our completely different reactions to the film! Note, there are some Joker spoilers for those listeners that haven’t watched it yet.

Life as a Doctor on TV

Interview with MarkThis week’s episode is an edited version of one of our favorite podcasts that we did with celebrity guest Mark Feuerstein. Mark played Dr. Hank Lawson on Royal Pains for eight seasons and talks with us about what it’s like to play a doctor on TV and how he and Dr. Cohen met while he was filming another medical show called 3 lbs.

For those who haven’t listened to this episode… the friendly doctor banter is a short and sweetly engrossing must listen.

Male Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Awareness MonthIt’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month and a topic that is often overlooked is male breast cancer, which is rare, with an estimated 2,000 to 3,000 cases a year in the United States — but that doesn’t mean men shouldn’t get the BRCA gene test. In this episode we discuss male breast cancer, genetic testing and the importance of people like Mathew Knowles (Beyonce’s dad) speaking out about his recent breast cancer battle.

We also get into some of the effects air pollution has on our health and talk about our favorite environmentally conscious celebs!

Obesity Rates Rise in America

Obesity Rates Rise in America_Gross Anatomy Podcast
The latest numbers are in for America — childhood obesity rates are now reaching 19% or roughly 1 in 5 children, and then there’s a recent report claiming an all-time high of nine U.S. states with adult obesity rates above 35%. We discuss the chronic health conditions and diseases that can come with childhood and adult obesity, such as asthma, sleep apnea, bone and joint problems, and type 2 diabetes. We also talk about how weight struggles are often a lifelong battle that can be made worse by fat shaming and bullying.

Mystery Vaping Illness

We look into the latest news on an outbreak of severe lung disease among users of electronic cigarettes that continues to spread to new patients and states. The CDC recently announced that there are now 530 confirmed or probable cases of lung injury associated with vaping, a jump from 380 cases reported last week. The CDC has stepped up its investigation and activated its Emergency Operations Center in an effort to determine the cause of the illnesses, which (as of this post) still remains unknown.