Slap, Boom and Autoimmune

It really was the slap heard all across the world…Dr. Jason Cohen and Co-Host Raya O’Neal share their views on the dispute between Will Smith and Chris Rock. Then, they talk about Wendy Williams and Graves’ Disease and Raya picks Dr. Cohen’s brain on some other Autoimmune Disorders from RA, to IBD, to Ulcerative Colitis.

And, with a new month ahead of them, the two touch on April being National Alcohol Awareness Month and Esophageal Cancer Awareness Month.

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Mark Feuerstein Volume 2

Mark Feuerstein is back! Dr. Cohen and Raya checked in with Actor Mark Feuerstein, and caught up on his post Royal Pains days and his latest projects. Mark and Dr. Cohen reminisce on their NYC days and share their Purim and St. Patricks Day memories. Raya tells Mark about the first time she met him in the Hamptons with JLO and Mark tells us why he was with her!

While Mark may have played a doctor; he reminds us he knows just as much as the average guy….but he does remember a thing or two about angioplasty. Plus, Dr. Cohen asks Mark to tell the story about the time he called him thinking he was his dentist, and so much more.

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Questions of the Day

We see your questions! Raya shares two interesting health(ish) related questions submitted by a listener and Dr. Cohen gives his take on it! They also talk about Hailey Bieber’s stroke and review the causes and signs of a stroke. Then, they talk about a shocking amount of blood used for testing and debate watching Netflix’s Bad Vegan or not.

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Making Vitamins Cool Again

With Dr. Cohen preparing to go into surgery and Raya recording from snowy Aspen, the two quickly cover some interesting topics. Raya brings up the new fad of taking your vitamins again and how ‘supplements’ have been marketed to be more appealing. They also discuss dealing with trauma and the latest ways people are treating it….including psychedelics!?

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Blame it on the Nodes!

Raya shares her health concerns for the week and Dr. Cohen helps ease her mind by confronting some of her symptoms. Dr. Cohen and Raya also discuss normalizing not being normal; asking for help, not apologizing so much and going to therapy.

Then, they get into the season finale of Euphoria! And, Dr. Cohen reminisces about the pilot of Grey’s Anatomy and the shows surprise success.

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Everybody Poops!

After all it is called Gross anatomy! Dr. Cohen and Raya O’Neal share their personal experiences with hemorrhoids…we all have them believe it or not, and tell a few horrid ER stories.

And, since this week was National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, Dr. Cohen shares his childhood experiences struggling with being overweight and how it still affects him as an adult. Plus, Raya tests Dr. Cohen on his Oscar nomination trivia and shares an unknown fact about West Side Story that Dr. Cohen didn’t know!

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Cardiologist Dr. Shervin Eshaghian

February is American Heart Month, a time when all people can focus on their cardiovascular health. We spoke with cardiologist Dr. Shervin Eshaghian about heart attacks, heart disease and how to keep your heart healthy with diet and exercise.

Cardiologist by day and social media/finance guru by night, Dr. Eshaghian is also known for his informative instagram posts regarding COVID and finance — so we pick his brain about these topics as well!

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Sports Center

Our all new episode is a Gross Anatomy version of Sports Center, where we share our thoughts on football, volleyball, hockey, baseball, tennis and why the UFC should just be called ‘the new gladiators’.

And, naturally or unnaturally, you can’t talk about sports without getting into athletes use of steroids so we discuss performance enhancing drugs. We also detail our personal experience with concussions, playing sports after the age of 50, the Winter Olympics — and Raya updates everyone on how her milk cleanse is going.

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Lyme disease, Melatonin and much more!

We’ve got saucy updates! Dr. Cohen and Raya give updates on the Drake sauce scandal and get into all things Melatonin. Have you ever taken the natural sleeping aid to help you sleep? Well, it may be causing more harm than good… or not.

Plus, Raya shares her journey with Lyme disease, a milky approach to a new cleanse, and explains how she conned her way into becoming a certified Google doctor. Then, Dr. Cohen tells us his origin story of becoming a surgical oncologist. There’s never a dull moment with these two, and it’s only just beginning. The two also discuss potential guests and topics for future episodes!

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The Rule of Three

In this episode we talk about how Bob Saget devoted himself to raising money for the fight against scleroderma, what the “rule of three” means to a surgeon, which anti-inflammatory foods are linked to longevity and why we think Peloton is struggling.

We also review the first episode of the AppleTV series ‘The Shrink Next Door’ and give our differing opinions on the Netflix movie ‘Don’t Look Up’.

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