New Year, New Health & Medical TV

2020 Medical TV.jpg
There’s a new slate of health and medical TV shows premiering this year. Gwyneth Paltrow’s Netflix show, The Goop Lab, is already causing controversy so we discuss why some doctors have a problem with it. Ryan Murphy takes a stab at recreating one of the most feared nurses, Nurse Ratched, in the scripted show Ratched. There’s also some reality shows that might be too hard to watch like My Feet Are Killing Me which follows a podiatrist as she takes on fungal infections. All this and more!

End of Year Podcast!

End of Year PodcastIt’s our end of year podcast so we’re discussing regrets, new resolutions and items we want to add to our bucket list. And then, inevitably, we get sidetracked and discuss the greatness of Joe Pesci and other entertainment performances that made our year.

Thanks for listening and happy holidays! We will return in two weeks with an all new episode.

Celebrity Philanthropy

Most Admired Celebs
A market research firm called YouGov surveyed 42,000 people to determine the most admired celebrities for 2019. Toping the list are two celebs known for their philanthropy, Bill Gates and Oprah. We talk about the health, wellness and medical initiatives that Gates and Oprah have focused on and why they’re deserving of the admiration.

Diving into pop culture, we discuss the recent Golden Globe nominations that also made for great Gross Anatomy Podcast episodes, including Joker and the HBO series Chernoybl.

Plus, a medical story about melanoma and the answer to some pre-med student questions.

A Healthy Dose of Laughter

Comedy & LaughterTurns out there’s some truth in the expression ‘laughter is the best medicine’. We explore some health benefits of laughter and how laughing can boost the immune system and even help people burn calories.

We also get into some true surgeon stories — which are even crazier than the fainting spells that happen in the scripted TV hit ER.

Celebrity Scars


Celebrities like Sarah Hyland and Selena Gomez are proudly displaying photos of their scars — scarring which could have been much worse if their operations were done decades ago.

Dr. Cohen explains how surgeons approach operating today and what minimally invasive surgery means.

We also talk about productivity, turkey pardoning and weekend worthy TV!

Common Medical Myths

Common Medical Myths.png

Does chewing gum really stay in your stomach for seven years? Can you really get the flu from the flu shot? Does eating turkey really make you tired? These are just a few of the medical myths we explore on this week’s episode.

We also talk about The Game Changers — a new documentary (featuring Arnold) that delves into meat, protein and strength.


Unusual Medical Stories & Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness

Gross Anatomy Podcast
Dr. Cohen shares some of the unusual medical conditions he’s encountered in his career, then we discuss how (in 1983) President Ronald Reagan proclaimed November to be National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month. President Reagan wanted to raise awareness not only for the disease — but for the caregivers who shoulder the heavy burden for the patients they love.

One Year Anniversary Celebration!

One Year Anniversay of Gross Anatomy Podcast
This week we get out the noisemakers to celebrate one year of co-hosting and recording Gross Anatomy Podcast. And, in this special anniversary episode, we take a trip down memory lane and discuss some of the highs, lows and a few of our favorite episodes. Dr. Cohen also shares a new medical story that helps put the gross in Gross Anatomy Podcast.

Movember is Here

Every November, men are challenged to grow their facial hair for the next 30 days to make a mustache that sparks curiosity and conversation. The reason, the mustache is Movember Foundation’s ribbon of awareness for men’s health. The Foundation is the leading charity tackling prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health on a global scale. So today, the first of Movember, we’re talking about Dr. Cohen’s participation in Movember and how you can help raise awareness for men’s health.