Spending Money to be Young in Body

We discuss the 45 year-old man who is paying millions to be 18 again. And, not to be 18 in spirit, it’s to have the brain, heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, tendons, teeth, skin, hair, bladder, penis, and rectum of an 18-year-old.

Then, we make a wager on Oscar nominees. We list, and butcher the names of almost all the nominees, but have on record the actors, writers and directors we believe will get that golden statue. Let us know if you agree with our picks, and please tell us what movies or TV we should be watching!

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New puppy, resolutions and the oldest person to ever live!

Dr. Cohen talks about the unexpected way his family received a puppy. We also talk about new goals, hot yoga being so L.A., and how after 8 years, Dr. Cohen is super close to achieving his 2015 New Year’s resolution. Then, we discuss the recent death of one of the oldest people to ever live, and the French woman that holds the title of oldest person to ever live!

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Throwback Episode: Screenwriter Roshan Sethi MD

Throwback Episode: Writer, director, doctor and co-creator of the TV series The Resident – Roshan Sethi MD – joins the show! Since our interview with Roshan last year, he’s continued his success and won an Independent Spirit Award for his First Feature, the rom-com 7 Days. He’s also received praise for co-writing the movie Call Jane starring Elizabeth Banks and Sigourney Weaver. So, if you missed it, check out this edited throwback interview with the creative and super talented Dr. Roshan Sethi!

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Stranger Injuries

We talk about strange injuries, like the arrow that impales the torso of a fictional character in the TV show 1883, and question if it’s a survivable injury. Then, we talk about real and stranger than fiction injuries, like the man who was struck by lighting seven times (on different occasions) and survived! And, we discuss some surprisingly not that uncommon injuries, like being kicked by a horse or bitten by a human. Plus, Dr. Cohen shares some of the stranger injuries and things he’s encountered as a surgeon.

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The Tests are In…

We talk about two famous men, who were diagnosed with different diseases, and chose not to follow their doctors treatment recommendations.

Then, (17 minute mark) we talk about Chris Hemsworth sharing his genetic test results with the world — while Chris was working on his new docuseries, Limitless, he underwent genetic testing and discovered that he has two copies of the APOE4 gene. Only 2 to 3 percent of people are reported to have two copies of the gene, which increases the risk of having Alzheimer’s disease.

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Scariest Doctors on the Big and Small Screen

We review some of the scariest doctors to hit the screen, meaning the fictional TV/movie doctors that you’d be the most afraid to have as your real life doc. Hint, a famous doctor who likes fava beans, and a doctor who lives on his own island, both make the list!

Then, we review the famous screen doctors we are surprised didn’t make the list, and the TV/movie doctors that we definitely aren’t afraid of and actually make us laugh.

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The Good Nurse

Dr. Cohen shares his cinematic and medical thoughts on the Netflix movie: The Good Nurse. The film is based on a true story with Eddie Redmayne playing serial killer nurse Charles Cullen, while Jessica Chastain plays Amy Loughren, his co-worker that helped bring him down. We talk about how the movie stays true to main events that really happened, but we also discuss important parts of the story the movie left out. All this and a quick reminder about Movember!

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NFL To Neurosurgery

NFL player Myron Rolle went from being all about football to all about med school. After earning his MD and going into his residency, Dr. Rolle wrote the book: The 2% Way: How a Philosophy of Small Improvements Took Me to Oxford, the NFL, and Neurosurgery.

We give our thoughts on Dr. Rolle’s 2% philosophy and discuss how rare it is for (non-olympian) professional athletes to become doctors. Plus, what we are watching now, or who might be watching.

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