Mystery Vaping Illness

We look into the latest news on an outbreak of severe lung disease among users of electronic cigarettes that continues to spread to new patients and states. The CDC recently announced that there are now 530 confirmed or probable cases of lung injury associated with vaping, a jump from 380 cases reported last week. The CDC has stepped up its investigation and activated its Emergency Operations Center in an effort to determine the cause of the illnesses, which (as of this post) still remains unknown.

Quirk, Tic or OCD?

The US Open has winners, losers and a handful of athletes known for their quirks and rituals like Rafael Nadal — which Nadal insists are mechanisms to help him focus on tennis. Dr. Cohen attended the US Open and gives his take on watching Nadal play with these tics (some might call OCD). We also discuss the idiosyncrasies of other professionals like doctors, actors and musicians. Plus, we answer a listener question about the use of pesticides on the foods we eat.

The Rise of Vegans

veganA-listers like Natalie Portman and Beyonce are going vegan and endorsing plant based diets — along with many other celebrities that promote their diets on social media. So, it’s no wonder the meatless products from Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods have exploded. Beyond Meat has even made big deals with Carl’s Jr., Dunkin, Del Taco and TGI Friday’s, and Impossible Foods products are now in about 10,000 restaurants — including White Castle, Red Robin and Burger King.

We discuss some of the ingredients that make meat eaters enjoy eating a meat-free burger, if being a vegan really can help the environment, some of our favorite vegan foods/restaurants and more!

Tropes of TV Medical Dramas

SurgeryMany scripted series consult with actual doctors in order to accurately portray medical professionals on television — but that doesn’t always mean your favorite show gets it right. We discuss some of the top TV tropes (like Dr. Jerk and instant bullet removal) that could get a doctor fired in real life.

Social Media Medicine

Social Media Medicine
More people are taking to social media to share their medical problems with the hope of finding answers from anyone who might have suffered the same symptoms. New shows like TNT’s Chasing the Cure and Netflix’s Diagnosis aim to capitalize on this trend while helping those who suffer from undiagnosed, misdiagnosed or uncured medical mysteries. We discuss these shows and how social media is changing medicine.

The Sackler Family

ProtestOxyContin made the Sackler family billions but now, after 400,000 opioid deaths, it’s made them near-pariahs with even their philanthropy being rejected. Citing “vitriolic hyperbole” and “endless castigation,” David Sackler decided to tell his side of the story to Vanity Fair for the first time. We discuss this exclusive article and much more!

BONUS: We refer to one of our first podcasts on opioid abuse in this podcast and a fascinating interview with Dr. Peter Pressman – check out that podcast by clicking here:

Infertility & Sterility

Artificial InseminationAbout 10 percent of women (6.1 million) in the United States have difficulty getting pregnant or staying pregnant, according to the CDC. Infertility is also used as a major plot line on the hit TV shows Handmaid’s Tale and This Is Us. We discuss these shows and the realities of infertility & sterility and the increased use of IVF to help women conceive.

Big Mouth TV Spotlight

Now that Game of Thrones has concluded, there’s a new show that Dr. Cohen thinks is just as binge worthy and essentially more important — Big Mouth, a Netflix animated sitcom. Plus, we talk about Dr. Mike Varshavski, recognized as America’s Sexiest Doctor in 2015, he’s since gained over eight million followers online and used his viral fame to educate on health.

Netflix Animated TV Sitcom Big Mouth

Job Burnout

Job Burnout Gross Anatomy PodcastAccording to a recent Harvard report, burnout is “a public health crisis that urgently demands action.” With doctors reporting troubling symptoms: depression, exhaustion, dissatisfaction and a sense of failure. So, in this episode, we discuss some strategies to cope with job stress and avoid burnout. Plus, we get into some of our favorite TV and movie watches of the week.