People of the Year

Dr. Cohen gives us some updates about what he’s seeing at the hospital. Then, we review People magazine’s four ‘People of the Year’ — George Clooney, Regina King, Dr. Anthony Fauci & Selena Gomez.

We also decide on another person (the most noncontroversial character we could think of) who should be on the list for providing a lot of happiness this year.

Ask the Urologist

For the first time, we have a urologist on the show — Dr. Justin Houman! We ask Dr. Houman our most pressing questions about urology and men’s health. Questions include… When to see a urologist? What’s the success rate of vasectomies? What can be done about frequent urination? And even more topics, like testicular and prostate cancer, penile prosthesis surgery and erectile dysfunction.

Klapper Vision

Dr. Robert Klapper, host of ESPN’s Weekend Warrior radio show and a renown orthopedic surgeon, joins us on the podcast! Dr. Klapper tells us how a kid from Far Rockaway got into an Ivy League school and how an art history class completely changed his life. He also explains why he became a Lakers fan and why people want him to explain sports injuries using his acclaimed Klapper Vision.

Doctor Christopher Loo

Dr. Christopher Loo, MD-PhD joins the show! Dr. Loo tells us why he decided to quit a career in orthopedics to become an author, entrepreneur and investor — and how he now uses the financial and business knowledge he’s acquired to mentor other people wanting to make a big career transition.