Klapper Vision

Dr. Robert Klapper, host of ESPN’s Weekend Warrior radio show and a renown orthopedic surgeon, joins us on the podcast! Dr. Klapper tells us how a kid from Far Rockaway got into an Ivy League school and how an art history class completely changed his life. He also explains why he became a Lakers fan and why people want him to explain sports injuries using his acclaimed Klapper Vision.

Doctor Christopher Loo

Dr. Christopher Loo, MD-PhD joins the show! Dr. Loo tells us why he decided to quit a career in orthopedics to become an author, entrepreneur and investor — and how he now uses the financial and business knowledge he’s acquired to mentor other people wanting to make a big career transition.

Pets for Your Health

David Attenborough’s debut on Instagram last week landed him the Guinness World Record for the fastest time to reach 1 million followers. And, extra good news for all the Attenborough fans… watching animal documentaries like Attenborough’s can help with your health!

We discuss how watching videos of cute animals can help reduce anxiety and improve mental and physical health. We also talk about having pets for your health, the most famous tv and movie pets and more!

Pre-Med Talk

First, we discuss the air quality in Los Angeles and why professional athletes (not in the NBA bubble) don’t want to play. Then, around the 14 minute mark, Dr. Cohen answers questions that people want to know before applying to med school. And, we end with what we are watching, we’ve got some entertainment recommendations!

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Plasma Therapy

New Episode Alert! In this short pod, we talk about how and why plasma therapy is being used on some coronavirus patients, and we discuss how that’s different than platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy — which is used for many other things like hair growth and joint pain.

We also give our thoughts on the reboot and recasting of the Chevy Chase classic… Fletch.

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The Weekend Edition

Check out our Weekend Edition episode of Gross Anatomy Podcast, where we discuss the news of Chadwick Boseman’s tragic death from colon cancer, and Dr. Cohen answers questions about colorectal cancer screenings, stages of cancer and treatment options.

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