Sex Education Season 3

In an all new episode of Gross Anatomy Podcast, we discuss our favorite Sex Education season 3 characters and why we think this Netflix TV show is educationally important.

We also discuss Halloween, where the haunted holiday originated and what we think this year’s top costumes will be.

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Wine Entrepreneur and Miss USA Nana Meriwether

We are so excited to have wine entrepreneur and Miss USA – Nana Meriwether – on the show! Nana tells us how finding out she was pre-diabetic led her on a wellness journey that completely changed her career path and life. And, she explains how studying herbalism led to her founding Cale, a healthier wine made from herbs, and the launch of Hibiscus Pinto Noir.

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Supermodel Linda Evangelista claims a CoolSculpting procedure left her ‘deformed’ and is seeking $50 million in damages. Luckily, we have a special guest – Bernice Cohen aka The Master Injector – to explain CoolSculpting to us, how it works and why Evangelista is an outlier case.

Plus, Amy Schumer revealed that when her appendix was removed the surgeon also found a tumor — and Dr. Cohen explains why discoveries like that are referred to as an ‘incidental-oma’.

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We discuss Pelé’s colon cancer surgery (5 minute mark) and why yearly screenings are so important. Then, (16 minute mark) we discuss Amy Schumer’s decision to have her uterus and appendix removed due to endometriosis. And, Dr. Cohen explains why having celebrities vocalize their struggles with a particular disease is a good thing.

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NBC’s Dr. Death

This week we talk about how ‘Dr. Death’ went from a hit podcast to a scripted series and give our thoughts on the NBC Peacock version starring Joshua Jackson, Alec Baldwin and Christian Slater. And, Dr. Cohen explains what is common and uncommon about the way Dr. Christopher Duntsch (Dr. Death) was allowed to operate and the protocols that should have been used to help ensure more successful surgery outcomes.

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Pressing questions for our In-House Doc

We discuss the New York Times article “I Am Caught between the Two Worlds of the ICU and TV” written by a doctor who is also a producer on the scripted series The Resident.

Then, our In-House doc (Dr. Cohen) analyzes the realities of readers comments on the article. Comments that include… how TV shows can create false miracle-like expectations in patients, how CPR is wrongly depicted, why doctors find fictional hospital shows therapeutic and much more!

The Amazingly Talented Dr. Theodric Hendrix

Dr. Theodric (Ricci) Hendrix is honestly more than just a doctor, he’s also a screenwriter, painter, photographer and currently finishing a four year program in Eastern Medicine. So, how did he manage to do so much while running his own OB-GYN practice? He answers this question and gives us some insight into his life. He also tells us how growing up in Tulsa, Oklahoma when it was segregated and learning about the Tulsa Race Massacre from his father inspired his latest writing project.

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Ask the Rabbi

Rabbi Dr. Jason Weiner, the senior rabbi and director of the Spiritual Care Department at Cedars-Sinai in LA joins us! We speak with him about working with chaplains in different religious and cultural backgrounds and what it means to be an on-call rabbi.

He also shares some pretty miraculous patient stories and tells us why he decided to write his book: Jewish Guide to Practical Medical Decision-Making.