Dr. 90210 Joins the Show!

DR 90210_Gross Anatomy Podcast
Doctor Robert Rey joins us on an ALL NEW EPISODE of the show and tells us about his amazing journey — a journey that led him to become one of the most recognizable and in-demand plastic surgeons! Born in Brazil where he lived his childhood years in a hut with no running water and barely any food, he was eventually adopted by a Mormon family and relocated to Utah. From there, he worked his way into Harvard, got his MD, then made the move to Beverly Hills. Now, most people know him as ‘Dr. 90210’ which is the title of the hit reality show he starred in and created.

Gross Anatomy Podcast · Dr. 90210 Joins the Show!

One thought on “Dr. 90210 Joins the Show!

  1. Thank you Dr(s) for this great podcast. Amazing and emotional, what a journey! From Latin America to graduating Harvard and a hit atav shown….but most importantly a loving and doting father…just like the host!

    Now let’s see some more of your pets!!


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